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Joseph Froc

Born in 1952, hotel and culinary photographer since 2008, I have an atypical background... After a hotel school and many years as a chef and hotelier, the passion for photography, nourished since my youth, caught up with me. At the age of 14, my father gave me my first camera, curious by nature, I created my first film lab with a tin can and a lens. I spent my evenings in the school club's laboratory. It is at this time that I buy my first second-hand pro camera : a Rolleiflex OBJECTIF planar and there... it is the click !
Even if the nostalgia of the film is present, today the digital becomes inescapable and opens me another approach of the photo... my current work consists in criss-crossing France to make culinary and hotel reports.
Passionate about travel, I travel the world with other photographers which does not prevent me from working on personal and collective projects.

In 2012 Salamandre Gallery Nîmes, look at the city "Public Space", in 2013 "Photographic Spring, photographer traveler" in Negpos-Photoloft Nîmes, in 2013 "Colors of Rajasthan" in the media library of Caveirac, in 2014 and 2015 in the town of Congénie