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Christophe BENE

Christophe Bene is a self-taught photographer currently based in Paris, France. His work is mainly inspired by the man / nature relationship. Straddling the border between art and documentary photography, Christophe Bene offers original prints saturated with color. Born in Douala, Cameroon in 1969, Christophe began shooting pictures at 16. After three years in French Polynesia, he left at 20 years old for a two-year degree in advertising in Paris followed by the French Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma before specializing at the national school superiore Louis Lumière in film and photography. From 1994 to 1999, he was assistant photographer, senior photographer and post-producer for cinematic advertising. On returning to Africa in 1999, he undertook a wide range of work, shooting in Senegal in 2002 and directing the Triptik Senegal exhibition in collaboration with PICTO laboratories and various sponsors. He has won first prize in RED, the largest photo contest in the world, organized by PHOTO. In 2002, he puts the journalist René Sintzel, an Africa specialist, with whom he has collaborated to produce documentaries on West Africa. In December 2002, he joined the GAMMA agency. In 2005, he worked together with JANUARY and DIGITAGENT - THE REPORT PARIS laboratories to produce the "Lion Kings of Medina" documentary. In 2006, WPN New York took charge of representing his photo documentaries and select pictures in the US. From 2008 to 2011, he covered the DAKHLA music and slide festival in southern Morocco. He currently works on order for national and international brands, magazines and newspapers. His Aerial photography, which he has done since his first documentary, has become both his area of expertise and his passion.

Award Winning Photographs Photograph named SANTA SANGRE. First prize in RED - The largest photo contest in the world, organized by PHOTO Photograph named SIMB 7 - The lion kings of Senegal. First prize in PORTRAIT - The largest photo contest in the world, organized by PHOTO

Exhibitions / 1997 - Kaïna - Travel Polynesians 2000 - A day in Senegal - Senegalese Logbook 2002 - Senegal TRIPTIK 2005 - The Three Lions of Medina 2009 - 5 Prints / 5 photographers photographs Group exhibition as part of FIAC at SPARTS Reports 2008 - Dakhla exhibition - Official photographer Dakhla festival during 4 years. Reports / 2000 - A day in Senegal - Senegalese Logbook. 2003 - White Gold Rose Lake. 2003 - Violin Ivry Gitlis has globetrotter. 2004 - The Three Lions of Medina. 2006 - Return of the Bou El Mogdad. 2007 - The Grand Magal of Touba. 2008 - Dakhla Festival 2009 - FANTASIA Publications / LIBERATION - THE WORLD - THE EXPRESS - ULYSSES - INTERNATIONAL COURIER - THE PILGRIMS Magazine - PHOTO RESPONSE - PHOTO Magazine - CHOC Magazine - SHOCK Magazine - DIGITAL VIDEO PHOTO - LA TERANGA (FRANCE & SENEGAL) - AS IS (Morocco) - AMOUAGE (Morocco).