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Alexe Timoney

I’m passionate about photography; and although it is an art form that has always featured in my life, I’ve only recently pursued it seriously.

Five years ago, my career as a financial consultant in France seemed to be set in stone; but when my young family and I were expatriated to the US and I decided to focus on exploring my creativity.

The beach has always been central to my life, so it was only natural that it should provide the backdrop for my first collection: “Surf Invasion”. The images are expansive with the subjects dwarfed by the immensity of the sky, sand and sea. I like to play with the images I capture -adding colours and textures to give them a paint-like quality and elements of the surreal. I want you to see things as I see them!

“Seul au Monde”, from this collection, was selected by the Editor of Photography for the Guardian, to be included in the Feature Shoot exposition at the Other Art Fair, London. Another of the collection’s images, “It’s Off to Surf We Go”, was selected for the Feature Shoot exposition in the Brooklyn.

Portraiture has always been an intimate affair. I love the idea of snatching a glimpse of what people have hidden inside themselves. I try to take this essence and project it through my photographs. The result I pursue is not simply a snap-shot, or two dimensional photograph, but a true rendering of the complete person – body and soul. An image that tells a story. As with my landscapes, I like to experiment with textures, images and colours to arrive at this end.

The other Art Fair London
ROOT Studios in Brooklyn, NY