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Nicolas Dumoulin

I do a lot of event and reportage work. Every square centimeter on earth deserves to be photographed. Beauty can be found in everything, even the most insignificant things. I began my professional career in drawing, which led me to construct photos as an illustration. I hope you enjoy . Enjoy

Coup de cœur at the 44th Objectif image trade fair in Bordeaux

Exhibition Moulins Objectifs in Moulins
Solo exhibition in Tonneins for the graffiti photo series
Imprimerie Pub Echo exhibition and the "8km de voie verte" series
Devoir de mémoires" exhibition at the Dépêche du Midi offices in Villeneuve sur Lot, during the mai de la photo event.
Group exhibition on behalf of the Grand Villeneuvois tourist office.
Inside PPCV" exhibition at Villeneuve sur Lot town hall