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Archivio Camera Photo

Three hundred thousands of mostly still unpublished black and white images: negatives on glass leaving place, as time passes, to 4 x 5 images on film sheet, then to 120 rolls during the Fifties replaced by 135 cartridges from the early 1970s on. Such is the content of the Archivio Cameraphoto Epoche archive in numbers.

A quick peek at it and we can't help falling in love with long-gone faces, places and facts whose strength still pops out of each contact print and has now become history: movie stars and art/culture personalities, day and night views of Venice and of the surrounding countryside, gossip, crime, sports and local news, artwork or prints reproductions. Local events like high tides, strikes and protests, celebrations, floods, regattas, the Venice Carnival, regional and period costumes... You name it and it's there.

Many different hands respectfully took care of the archive across 60 years, updating classification methods along with progress: notes written with fountain pen come with early images, then typewriter fonts on index cards classify them. This is now being turned into a spreadsheet for quick access and easy search.