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Fine art photography
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Each of my images is the result of an encounter.
I work in medium format, Hasselblad camera mounted with PhaseOne digital back, P20 - IQ180 & Canon + lens series.
An idea comes to me, I explore it and create the image I have in mind. For some series, I work with a team.
- 3 years in Hong Kong until 1995, an exhibition: China Street in black and white, in film.
- A trip to the Red Sea with people with reduced mobility: A film, a book, a traveling exhibition "On the road of Henry de Monfreid" 2000
- 2009 to today: beginning of the adventure "Impulsion" - Work with horses, mannequins, places.
- 2008: Clay skin, synonymous with life in our collective unconscious, the skin expresses our moods. 2010/2011 - Exhibited at the art gallery 22riveGauche in Bordeaux.
- 2012 - Installation Chick Ticker for the group Ceva (agency Pretext Factory)

A documentary commissioned by the Equidia channel, about my activity with horses.
"The magic of the Dream".

1994 - Hong Kong in face - Cultural Service Consulate of France in HONG KONG
1996 - China Street - Mont de Marsan
1998 - Rue de Chine - Le Bazacle - Toulouse
1999 - Rue de Chine - Collective Exhibition - Paris
2000 - On the road of Henry de Monfreid - Visas for the image - Perpignan
2001 - On the road of Henry de Monfreid - Base sous marine de Bordeaux
2002 - On the road of Henry de Monfreid - Toulouse
2011 - Peau D'argile - Galerie 22Rive gauche - Bordeaux
2015 - Peau D'argile - Loan of 2 works - collective exhibition Bayonne