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Strec Gil

A self-taught photographer for many years, I write stories in abandoned places.

I started out photographing these places full of history, commonly known as urbex, but after two years I realized that something was missing from my shots, a soul.

I love sharing my passion, transmitting my emotions through the portrait of a woman.
Photographing the female body in these places became an obvious choice for me.

Black and white has more emotion, more depth and intensity, which is why it moves me more.

In each of my shots there's a piece of my soul, a fragment of my story, and it's up to each person to interpret their own.

Several exhibitions in various locations in Metz
Fenêtre sur cours exhibition in Epinal September 2020
Festival grand angle exhibition in Chantraine (Epinal) 2021
Confluence des arts exhibition in Uxegney 2022
Exhibition in Saint Saturnin 2022
Rencontres photographiques exhibition in Château-Thierry 2023