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The author photographer began to practice the Black and White silver as a teenager, this passion for monochrome has never left him since. It is this passion that he wants to share with you with these two series in B&W:

''Poses entre ciel et Mer'', using a particular technique, the long exposure, which allows to smooth the time. Here, the contrast is the guiding thread. Contrast between a sea of lead and a tormented sky. Contrast between deep blacks, luminous whites and the subtlety of the shades of gray. Contrast between the different elements: liquid (the sea), gaseous (the clouds) or solid (the stone or the wood). The author proposes here a journey in the imagination, along the French shores, from the Var coast (Boulouris), through the Vermeille coast (Collioure) and the Atlantic coast (Fouras).

''Monts et Merveilles'', from the Nude in the dark (low-key). Dedicated to the Woman and her forms, this series uses this particular lighting to highlight the reliefs of the female body. By effects of shadows and subtle lights, the author by photographing the body as a landscape (bodyscape) wanted to highlight the sensuality of the woman.

"The cube", this series is dedicated to the bodies and their forms. It uses the particular technique of the ''high-key'', which by effects of light with a dominant white strewn with touches of an intense black, emphasizes the sensuality of the bodies. This softness of the High-key lighting contrasts with the themes addressed in this series (tattoos, graphic poses like Yoga, Shibari).
For the theme of Shibari, exposed here, I wanted to give a different look on this Japanese bondage technique. A softness brought by the lighting of the High-Key associated with the beauty of the ropes and the knots, contrasts with very erotic postures and the shackles of the body.

2022- FocaleNuart in Villeréal : Series the Cube - 4th in the public ranking
2019- Exhibition at Photo Menton : Series the Cube -Shibari
2019- Guest of honor at the festival of Roquebrune sur Argens exhibition of the series '' The Cube''
2018 - Exhibition at FotoVar of the series '' The Cube''
2017 - Guest of honor at the festival of Roquebrune sur Argens exhibition of the series '' Monts et Merveilles'' and ''Pose entre Ciel et Mer''
2017 - Photo Exhibition in Mouans Sartoux from May 14 to May 15 : Series '' Monts et Merveilles''
2017 - Photo Exhibition ''Black and White'' from April 28 to May 8 in Théoule-sur-Mer : Series ''Monts et Merveilles
2017 - The Niçois clicks
2016 - Mouans Sartoux Photography Festival : Series ''Pose entre Ciel et Mer