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Fine art photography
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Stéphane Coutteel

24 H Le Mans 2021

An initial training in the culinary art (hotel school of Paris), an experience of creation of humanitarian association then of company, and the choice of the photographic passion for profession in 2012. I am passionate in the 80s for the black and white film. In 1992 I used photography to communicate on a humanitarian action in Mali, then in 2008 on a sponsorship action for the mythical Shweitzer hospital in Gabon. Essentially I am a photographer-traveler always in search of photographic reports on cultures and wonders, sounding from the far reaches of the world: Ladakh, Zanzibar, Santo Domingo, and other Ceylon. In 2014 I discovered Japan, which has been a great source of inspiration in all my work ever since. An art of seeking perfection in simplicity, when all the superfluous fades away. The photography that I compose is above all figurative and always humanist, a form of Slowphotography. I wish you a lot of pleasure and emotion with my photographs. Thank you.

Photographer of the year Société des Artistes du Hurepoix (SAH) 2015

SAH 2015 - Ste Geneviève des bois: Japon Maison de la culture du Japon in Paris: Ama divers (in partnership with the Mie prefecture - Japan) SAH 2016: 'Devil' series - two-color plexiglass support National Museum of Natural History of Paris - Oceans exhibition conference