I was born in Nantes in 1985 and I very quickly had the eye in the viewfinder. In 2006, I was selected for a group exhibition at the Musée d'Aquitaine and I continued my studies in communication and advertising strategy in Bordeaux and obtained my diploma in 2008. The following year, Studio Blain in Rochefort offered me my first exhibition personal. It was in 2011 that I decided to make photography my job, while continuing to develop my photographic writing. In 2014, I did a professional training at the National School of Photography in Arles. I am now based in Bordeaux where I offer my shooting services in the fields of Architecture, Professional Portrait and the reproduction of works of art. At the same time, I continue my personal work. I am sensitive to the light of course but also to the weak times, to the dreamlike keys. I try to reveal the part of sacred that resides in the places or people present in my photographs. I am rocked by the pictorialist current. I work most often in the form of photographic series. These last group a corpus of images having undergone the same influences, being related to the same intentions. The photographers who influence me in my approach of author are among others: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Vee Speers, Ansel Adams, Erwin Olaf, Maurice Tabard.

collective exhibition at the Musée d'Aquitaine in 2006 solo exhibition at Studio Blain in 2009