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Roberto Manetta


~ PROFESSIONAL TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER, STYLIST and MAKE UP ARTIST ~ ~ Film and digital photography since 1997 ~ ~ Member 712 of the AIRF (Associazione Italiana FotoReporter) ~ ~ All Concepts, Styling, Makeup, Painting and Handmade Accessories by Roberto Manetta ~ Roberto Manetta began his photographic career in 1997. He specializes in Fine Art Photography and Reportage, including projects that have slowly entered a very personal search for mixing and marriage of the so-called "Creative Nudes". As a freelance photographer, Roberto is particularly appreciated for managing a very suggestive use of shadow and light in portraits and street photography and shows a great skill in creating a pleasing blend of characters and documentations by telling visual stories of places and people who are crossing them. After many years of study he has gone from analogue to digital but always struggles to maintain the ideals, form and details of classic photography. He lives and works in Rome, where he continues to keep a "photographic idea" on creative photography active, exhibiting his work in the galleries and art spaces of the capital. Since 2004 he has worked closely with various artistic groups in the representation of dance, theater and performing arts related to music. She is also touring for actress / actor agencies in Rome. His photographs have appeared in many national and international books and magazines dedicated to the Art of Photography.

2018 Fine Art Photography Awards Professional nominee Fine Art Nude “Algae” 2017 ImagOrbetello Festival of Photography Winner Ctg Street Award Album Epoca "Tokyo" 2017 ImagOrbetello Festival of Photography Finalist Ctg Architettura "Pantheon" 2017 ND Awards Silver Star 2nd place Architectural category "Paris "series 2017 ND Awards Silver Star 2nd place special Long exposure category" Raining Tokyo "2016 4th Eros TZIPAC Prize 2nd place Nudes" Hughes "2016 4th Eros TZIPAC Prize Finalists Nudes" Black Fairy "2016 4th Eros TZIPAC Prize Finalists Nudes "Temptation Tree" 2015 Monochrome Awards Honorable Mention Nude professional "Quiet" 2015 Monochrome Awards Honorable Mention Nude Professional "Sacred and Profane" 2015 International Photographer of the Year 3rd Place Fine art Nudes "Black Jellyfish" 2015 International Photographer of the Year Honorable Mention Fine Art Nudes "Black Mermaid" 2014 Black & White Spotlight Awards Merit Awards "Series Trees" 2014 PX3 Prix de la Photogra phie Paris Honorable mention Fine art Nudes "Trees" series 2013 International Color Awards 4th Annual Nominee Nude "Donna Clara"

URBAN portraits: "WATER" WATER Photos of artists on display at Casina Valadier 433 Next bar only ex The language of the eyes Spoleto coll. ex Galleria 196 Rome coll. ex 2010 Fotomassan Sw coll. ex Galleria Gemini Rome only ex Etablì Rome only ex Atelier Valentini Rome only ex