Pierre Gable


Today, a 50-year-old freelance photographer, Pierre Gable works with several artists, singers, writers, to ensure their promotion (concerts, CD covers, web promotions, etc.). He collaborates with the Hachette group for Stocks editions, several cover firsts including the novel Purge by Sofi Oksanen 2010 Femina Prize, European Prize. Artist photographer, Pierre Gable, goes beyond a work on the aesthetics of his images; meeting with the other, with his gaze is necessary. His works are awarded and exhibited internationally, they also illustrate many works of literature. Pierre Gable is a member of the society of Authors of the visual arts and the fixed image SAIF.

2010 Grand Prix and guest of honor USA Florida - The Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival- 2011 First Prize “Ice feather Serres Chevalier” 2012 First Prize “Gestures et expressions solidaires Paris” 2012 International Grand Prix of photography HIPA DUBAI Arab Emirates 2013 First Prize by team Black and White Cup of France French Photography Federation 2015 First Price photo RankArt 2017 Laureate Grand Prize photo Saint Tropez 2018 First price Annecy Lac Photo "Altruism"

After exhibitions in Porto Alegre, and in São Paulo in Brazil in 2009. In November 2010 Pierre Gable is the international guest of the Arts Festival in Florida * Exhibitions 2011 - Lyon "Aux trois gaulles" - Galerie de l'Hubac Digne les Bains (04) - Galerie du Théâtre Galli Sanary-sur-mer (83), - Les Arts Mêlés Etoile sur Rhône (07) * Exhibitions 2012-2013 - "Objectif Aide" Paris Gare d'Austerlitz - Biennial of "La Teste de Buch ”September 2012 - HIPA Dubai Mall Exhibition April 2012, - Group exhibition at the Paris Photo Fair November 2012 (HIPA) - Gréoux les Bains“ Château des templiers ”March 2012, April 2012 - Digne les Bains Galerie de l'Hubac - The photographic meetings of Seillans (83), June 2012 - Veynes / café du Peuple Hautes-Alpes (05) * Exhibitions 2014 - GAP / Espace culturel Leclerc - Paris Photo Fair (HIPA) - Tunisia / Salon International de la Monastir Photography - Ben Arous Tunisia Art Gallery - E xpo collective sition for the benefit of the association The chain of hope Saint Tropez (83) - Suspended art collective exhibition Sanary-sur-mer (83) - Festival Présence-Photographies: Exhibition Médiathèque de Montélimar December 2014 * Exhibitions 2015 - Gréoux les Bains “Château des templiers” (April) - Gallery of the Sisteron citadel (May), - Vichy Flash Expo June to September - Les Rencontres de Chabeuil Drome, September. - Théâtre de l'Eden SENAS (October) - ARI Marseille * Exhibitions 2016 - Aups (83) Musée Simon Segal - June 2016 - Laragne (05) Caves du Château de Laragne July 2016 - Group exhibition ARI Marseille - May 2016 - Guest 'honor exhibition Ferme de Font Robert Château-Arnoux (04) September - Exhibition Sisteron SIS'Arts October * Exhibitions 2017 - Gréoux les bains (04) "Château des Templiers" April 2017 - Sisteron (04) Galerie Domnie May 2017 - Forcalquier Espace Boris Bojnev July 2017 - Cruis, art gallery July / August 2017 - Sanary-sur-mer "Suspended art" collective exhibition September 2017 - Exhibition at the Château de la Messardière Saint-Tropez from April 14 to May 20, 2017 * Exhibitions 2018 - Atrium Gallery Digne les Bains - February 2018 - Boscodon Abbey (Hautes Alpes) - March to June 2018 - Medieval castle of Simiane-La-Rotonde March 15 to May 30 - Gréoux les bains (04) "Château des Templars »September 2018 * Exhibition 2019: Octo bre: Annecy Bonlieu cultural center April: Forcalquier Contemporary Art Gallery - June: - Gréoux les Bains (04) "Templar Castle" Bayreuth, Germany (group exhibition)