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Paul Harris

Paul Harris is a notable businessman and photographer who has had an interesting and eventful career. Starting off in Barnstaple, North Devon, he worked in a photography store and taught photography before starting his own photography business in 1969. He specialized in photographing weddings, commercial photographs, and travel brochures.In 1975, he traveled to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and his photos from the war were published around the world in publications such as Newsweek and Life Magazines. However, he fell under the hands of the Rhodesian government and was placed under house arrest and eventually deported under the Official Secrets Act.During his time in Africa, he met Terry Fincher, who needed a photojournalist to travel to America. Paul Harris accepted his offer, and by 1994 he had met many fascinating people and traveled with influential figures such as President Ronald Reagan and Muhammad Ali, as well as many other politicians and movie stars who changed the world.As digital technology was forever changing photography and journalism, Paul Harris started another business. His company was one of the first digital photo agencies in the world to have a searchable and downloadable archive accessible via the Internet from anywhere in the world. In 1999, he sold the company, "onlineusa.com," to Getty Images, and it became the cornerstone of Getty's celebrity content.Paul Harris continued to take photos editorially until January 2016 when he retired. Now, he enjoys photographing the countryside, beaches, and sunsets, along with any odd iconic potential pictures I see.