Michel Brabant


A northerner, born in 1963 in Courrières small town near Lens, Michel Brabant, from childhood is passionate about photography. What animates it is to be able to reveal the colors that each one carries in oneself, those of the soul. That it is in France in a school or a theater, in the clandestine and underground slaughterhouses of Taipei or in the favelas of Baira Mar near Rio, Michel Brabant is the witness of the heroes of everyday life. His camera at hand, nothing escapes his curious and keen eye, seizing unexpected moments that we do not notice and immortalizing scenes of ordinary life but always singular. Without neglecting color, its predilection is black and white to hang light and shadow, and the infinite variations they provide. A traveler, a fighter, a citizen of the world, he comes and goes between France and Brazil, always astonished and amazed by the magical moments that this art gives to those who know how to look. Cover with a look a moment of life and freeze to discover the world.

Winners in the PHOTO magazine at the world's largest photo contest 2012, 2018, 2019

􀂃 Chapel of the Grand Convent in Cavaillon. Between dreams and realityPhotos Michel Brabant. On the occasion of its first year of existence, the association of general interest ID Esperança, its members, partners and donors invite the public Vauclusien to get acquainted with the work realized by the association Cavaillonaise ID Esperança in the favela Beira Mar north of Rio de Janeiro.