Matthieu Camille COLIN


Born in 1979 in La Rochelle, now living in Paris, I spent my childhood between France and Tahiti, which allowed me very early on to see and appreciate the multiple facets of the world and its cultures. Art and discovery have always been my essence of life. After having tasted television, radio, the stage and music, I became a chief editor while launching myself into photography in 2002, at the same time creating an association of artists. Even after having embraced a new creative profession, event decoration, I have never found a better way than photography to create and share beauty, or rather "my beauty". I like to show you what you can't see because you will be running too fast! To be the only one to find me there, at that moment, to be able to capture an image and give you my interpretation of it, mini-moments that seem unique to me, give them a substance by grain or blur, accentuate a melancholy in the absence or in a symmetry, inventing or rewriting a story thanks to the light or to the framing ... here is my vision of the World which surrounds me. My work is done during walks, mainly on the iPhone (which I renamed "Digital Polaroid"), or with my little digital Leica; I indeed like being able to create and capture these stories in complete freedom, without being dependent on too cumbersome material, in the sandstone of these surprises caused by the images of everyday life ...

2015: - "Les Garçons d'Alcibiade" - 3WKafé - paris IV 2005: - "The Birth" COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION - Galerie Edifor, rue Guénégaud - paris VI - "Walks" - Sait Voyage paris III - "Walks" - pictorial café paris XII - "Walks" - Forum des Halles (with the Paris town hall) Paris I - "Balades" - point soleil 2 paris IV 2004: - "Balades" - David Gabriel Paris XII - "Walks" - marc-antoine institut paris XIII - "Walks" - point soleil paris IV