Martine Benezech


At ten, sheltered behind the lens, then in the darkness of the "dark room" I try to decipher this strange world by watching it appear slowly in the tray of the developer. My travels will be solitary, self-taught, financed by another professional activity. Today my journey changes, I finally say, I discover what I was looking for in photography. The representation, through the reassuring world of the animal, of what my child's eyes refused to see. Post production allows me to better approach the images that I carry in me, I give an important place, even on more realistic work. I am always looking for the dreamlike side that has been my living space. I use the Canon 5D Mark II with 70-200 to 2.8 lens often coupled to the EF 2X extender;

I have never participated in the slightest exposure, in any competition, never sought to obtain any reward.

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