marc lafond


Marc LAFOND was born in 1980 in the East of France. After studying to become an artistic director, I worked for three years in an advertising agency, before returning to my first love: photography, a lifelong passion. I first take photographs as part of my advertising activity and then decide to devote myself fully to them. This is how I left his native East to join some Parisian studios as an assistant in fashion and beauty photos, then freelance. I lead photographic projects during trips to Mongolia, North Vietnam, Laos or India. During my trips, backpack full of all kinds of photographic equipment, I like to meet the inhabitants of the most remote regions. During these trips, I realize portraits and immortalize slices of life reflecting the simplicity of everyday life in these often poor countries and the warmth of the welcome which is generally reserved for him.

Galerie Voleur d'Image (Paris) Exhibition India Galerie Sway (Stockholm) 2019 exhibition Japan Galerie Taylor (Paris) 2018 - exhibition India Galerie In between (October / November 2016)