Maeva Esteva


Who am I? Does it really matter? What is important is what excites us, what makes us dream, what makes us vibrate. In this society that pushes us to egocentrism, I do not pretend to have complement dismissed my ego however it is not him who guided me. The call of the wild is stronger than any material comfort and it is easier for me to be put against a tree under a starry sky than in a furnished house. My thirst for freedom and forgotten space is endless and only sharpens when she sees that nature which is only too condemned. My only goal is to share my emotions through my lens and to show that nature full of sensitivity that is not explained and that is simply. I chose a lot of black and white because for me it transcends emotions ....

Exhibition "The essential is invisible to the eyes" Tourist Office Limoges Exhibition Great Northern Canadian, Imaginaerium Saint-Jouin Bruneval