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Kinga Herczeg

My name is Kinga Herczeg from Hungary. I have been actively photographing for 10 years now. I participated in many exhibitions and won awards with my pictures.

I take most of my images near the wonderful area of Lake Balaton in Hungary. Protecting the environment and nature is highly important for me, and I try to highlight the beauty of our surroundings through my pictures. I also strive to apply a special way of seeing, a perspective which is not usual. Monochromatic, minimalistic, black&white, abstract and experimental photography is the closest to my heart. I apply this methodology to my pictures at Lake Balaton, nature, tree, forest and travel.

Kali Academy Days – A tribute to 180 years of photography
Invitational exhibition of the Film and Photography Department of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
23rd Faludi International Film Festival and Photo Competition (among the best)

Many local exhibitions