jerome courtial


I would like to tell you that I dreamed since I was little of taking pictures, of being a reporter for National Geographic. But the truth is, I took up photography 4 years ago, needing to find a creative outlet for my office job. I especially fell in love with aerial photography, thanks to the advance of drone photography. I like to find innovative and surprising points of view. I like the vibrant landscapes with strong colors and contrasts. I've been trying ever since to travel to the most beautiful places in the world and bring my personal touch to them.

- GEO magazine cover - Grand prix nature, drone photo, 2017, selected by National Geographic France - 2 of the 20 best drone photos 2017, according to Dronestagram - 2 of the 20 best drone photos 2016, according to Dronestagram and Time magazine. - Published in the book 'Above the World' to celebrate the 10 years of the DJI drone brand - Published in numerous international magazines, BBC, The Times, CNN, National Geographic, The Sun, Le Monde, The Guardian and several calendars .