jean ber


I am a press photographer and specialize in portraying personalities from the world of cinema and music. The newspapers with which I collaborated are: Liberation, 7 in Paris, Première, Jazz magazine, etc… I also worked for record companies (Sony music, Dreyfus Jazz) publishing houses (Albin Michel) It there are many books published on Gainsbourg, Michel Petrucciani, Dutronc, Bashung, in which my photos are published. The reasons why I had the privilege of meeting all these artists (briefly or continuously) are generally linked to a media event: for the release of a record, a film, a book, or all Another artistic event, the press services contact magazines to organize interviews, which generally take place in large hotels in which suites are reserved and where journalists parade over one or more days ... When it came to doing the cover of a newspaper, we often went to a rental photo studio superbly equipped with a slew of assistants ... more rarely, but it happened to me many times, when I sympathized with an artist and qu 'he appreciated my images ,, I went to his place or we decided to make a thematic photo session in such a place after identification (and authorization) with hairdresser, makeup artist, assistant and a lot (too much) of maté riel of shooting and lighting, that reassures everyone; sometimes it was intimate, without witnesses, just a camera and a lens, minimalist technique but which often allowed them to "steal their soul" The relationship of photographer to model is complex: they are both suspicious and demanding and it is an interesting set of mirrors (between what they wish to return as an image of themselves and what I wanted to "take" from them) but as Godard says, there are no just images, there is just images...

My reward is the chance I have to meet all these exceptional beings, whether I admire them or not and this is priceless !!!

Rencontres d'Arles 1984, VU agency AIDS in Africa 1989, FNAC Tribute to Michel Petrucciani 2019/2020