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Hervé David Giffard

I am HDG Autodidact and Lovers of the beautiful image, since my youngest age! Like everyone else, I always enjoyed taking pictures! In the early 2000s, I wandered everywhere with my small compact looking for the natural image and what speaks to my eye and soul! As time went on I learned and understood the magic of this art called PHOTOGRAPHY! After various experiences and acknowledgments of professionals on my work, I started professionally! My different eye and my serious my open to multiple professional experiences (television, cinema, theater, pub, wedding, book, sale art ...) I sometimes expose my work because I like to make imagine stories! I let wander my dreams by my shots and transmit them to you! I do not just specialize in a photo field so I do not lock myself in it. For there are just too many things to immortalize! I like to seize a moment for eternity! I always say, when you want, you can! And I ... I want to continue to make you discover THE COLORS OF MY LIFE ...

-7 photos 7 days 7 places - Between sea and sky Mairie XIX paris - Salon Éphémère