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Guy Coste


Guy Coste Artisan photographer since 1991 Lover of light since always. I like to transmit, I became a trainer / lecturer in high schools, associations and trade fairs

Portrait painter of France 1999

2021 Arzon "Le Défi Voile Bretagne" 2021 International meeting "Summer of portraits" 2018 Biennial "Summer of Portraits" 2017 "The four elements" in St Avé 2017 "The ephemer, from here and elsewhere!" "At Vannes 2016" Sea photo "at Vannes 2004" Portrait of children "at Moustoir Ac 1996" Étang de Sologne "at Vannes sur Cosson 1991" Asparagus "at Tigy 1989" 1939/1989: 50 years of the CNRS " in Orléans 1987 "La Loire" at the Loire de Jargeau house