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Fontaine Dimitri Gaël


BIOGRAPHY In 2008 I started my first steps in photography and as an amateur when I bought my first digital camera. During the first 2 or 3 years, I tried to try all types of photographic subjects. Born on an island in the Indian Ocean and amateur of sports such as running and hiking, it is only natural that I turn to landscape photography for which I have made myself a specialty. Since 2018, 10 years later after my first steps, I decided to give a new dynamic to my passion by becoming a professional photographer. Nothing has changed since, I keep my hiking boots and my camera bag on my back to discover and photograph the landscapes of France and elsewhere. MY MOTIVATIONS What pleases me so much in landscape photography are the moments of calm where we find ourselves enjoying the shows of nature: I let you imagine the sweetness of a sunrise, the calm of a sunset, the sound of the wind alone or that of a waterfall… with nothing else! My favorite moments are undoubtedly the sunrises and sunsets during which lights, colors and contrast highlight all the beauty of a landscape. Website: https://www.gaelfontaine-photo.com/