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Florian Ledoux


Florian Ledoux is an artist, documentarian and photographer, but he defines himself above all as a nature lover. He wants to bear witness to the wild world through images, using a resolutely naturalist approach. His work finds its strength in a frantic quest for beauty and meaning, carried by a fervent commitment to the protection of the polar regions. Specialized in aerial photography by drone, Florian invites us to take a step back in order to visualize and understand an ecosystem as a whole.

This change of perspective allows for the creation of poignant abstract or figurative images that offer several levels of reading and analysis; with a surprising gentleness and poetry, they confront us with the fragility of our environment as well as the urgency of the climate situation.

"Nature has always been my greatest source of inspiration and motivation. It is essential to put it back at the center of our lives, and through my work, I hope to contribute to giving a voice to those who cannot express themselves, to this nature too often forgotten.

Recently, he has worked for BBC "Frozen Planet II", Disney "Polar Bear", as well as Netflix "Our Planet" and National Geographic.

1st Animal Award at the 2019 Drone Awards
Drone Photographer of the Year 2018 SIPA
Drone Photography Grand Prize 2017
1st Prize Drone Video Animals 2018
1st Prize Arctic Landscape 2018
3rd Prize Wildlife The Nature Conservancy 2018
3rd Prize Arctic Wildlife 2018
3rd Prize Drone Photography 2017
Honorable Mention at Nature's Best Photography 2018
Honorable Mention at the Maria Liusa Memorial 2018

- Paris Match 2019
- Geo Magazine September 2018 / 2019
- Figaro December 2018
- Time US 2018
- National Geographic January 2018
- Wildlife Photographic Mag
- Phototech Magazine cover
- Oceanographic UK
- Daily news, Telegraph, The Sun

- Museum of Red Dot Design Singapore
- Washington Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian) 2018
- California Academy of Sciences 2018
- Exhibition International Wildlife Festival of Montier en Der November 2018
- Exhibition International Nature Festival of Namur Nature Avès September 2018
- Inuit culture exhibitions in Chantilly, Rethel, Chateaugiron, Monfort sur Meu, Les Adrets.
- Exhibition Greenland at the agency Grand Nord Grand Large Paris center.
- Exhibition of a photo at the COP22 National Geographic (climate change).
- Exhibition at the festival of photography in India (award-winning photo by National Geographic).