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Fabio MUZZI, photographer and professional journalist born in Siena on 1964. He's living in Tuscany and working between Pisa, Rome, Milan, Paris, London and other european cities. His archives are composed of reportage and pictures shoot during 30 years of activity: images of landscapes, cities, art, culture, life stories ... from one of the most beautiful places in the world: The Tuscany. During these years, he has realized special reports as: The Evolution of the Colors on Tuscany Landscapes during the Four Seasons, The Life and Work of the Sardinian Sheepdogs Emigrated in Tuscany, The Secular Tradition of the Palio of Siena Horse Race, The Production of Wine The Pisa, The Oil-harvesting, The Stabilization works of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Ancient Roman Boats discovered in the port of Pisa, The Under Water Village of Vagli, that re-emerge from the water of the lake every 10 - 15 years. The ten years spent performing this report on the Stabilization works of the Leaning Tower, from 1992 to 2001, has produced publishing around the world, an itinerant photo-exhibition begun on 2003 in USA at the United Nations Palace in New York, 2004 Canada in Vancouver and 2005 Denmark in Copenaghen. Especially for this first exhibition in NY, has been published the book titled: "1992-2001: The Stabilization Works of the Leaning Tower" A special section looks at the photojournalism: during these years he has made features for italian and foreign press, on National and international events as Somalia in 1993, Rwanda in 1994, Bosnia since 1994 until 1998, Albania in 1997 Kosowo in 2000. These pictures have taken part of exhibitions in Italy and abroad. From the city of Pisa he collaborates with the newspaper IL TIRRENO, from tuscany he has been corresponded for the italian national press agency ANSA (1992 - 1998), the international press agency ASSOCIATED PRESS (1999 - 2008), the daily newspaper IL CORRIERE della SERA (1989 - 2008), and the sport newspaper CORREA dello SPORT STADIO (since 1995). SYGMA-CORBIS in Paris, the spanish AGEFOTOSTOCK, the german MAURITIUS, the french TRAVEL PICTURES, the greek IML, the japanes PACIFIC PRESS SERVICE, the austrian ASABLANCA and the londinian CULTURA - IMAGESOURCE. LEM ART GROUP, the German DUMONTE, WEINGARTEN, HARENBERG and GEO SEASONS, the american BARNES & NOBLES and ZIGA MEDIA DESIGN On September 2008, the publisher HALSGROVE ltd has printed in exclusive the book titled "Perfect Tuscany", has 150 full colors pages of his 20 years work on Tuscany Landscapes on the Four Seasons. On November 2008, the calendar "Toskana 2009" produced by the German publisher WEINGARTEN verlag, has received the International Quality Award for the best quality calendar production for the Landscapes category. From January 2009 he began collaborating with the french international news agency FRANCE PRESS. On 2012, with approx 150 images on tuscany subject INTOSCANA.IT On March - April 2014, special report "Tuscany from the Sky" special report for a promotional editorial for the daily newspaper TIRRENO for its 7 different province editions. On September 2015-april 2016, realize a new editorial promotion together with the newspaper Il TIRRENO regarding a series of creative night-view images of the cities of Pisa, Lucca, Livorno, and its seaside-countriside. On 2016, a commercial image - an illustration of the Tuscan countryside, was selected for the 12 different international editions of the international magazine GEO INTERNATIONAL for a special publication, Hors Series, on Tuscany. On May 2017, he waits for the ENAC race and obtains the professional drone flight pilot license and realizes the first video reportage on the Charteuse of Calci, one of the most beautiful historical and cultural monument on restoration in Italy, with a drone for the first time inside of its internal beauties. This article is about to be published on the web site of the TIRRENO newspaper, then on the homepage of the newspaper THE REPUBLIC arriving, within one week, to over 75,000 views and over 6,000 user shares.