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Fine art photography
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Erwan Le Roux


My name is Erwan Le Roux, I am 39 years old, I am a professional photographer in the Brittany region (Finistère - 29); but above all, I am a photographer ... "Passionate". As far as I can remember, I have always been amazed by Nature, wild life, beautiful landscapes ... in short, all the beauty that this world can offer to those who take the time to observe it. It is clearly the beauty of this world that prompted me to take photography back from my 1st trip to Iceland ... this Land of Ice & Fire with breathtaking landscapes! Without a doubt, and I realize it now, this trip would irreparably change my life, my outlook, my way of seeing things. From now on, photography was going to be an extension of this trip, like an invitation to discover and rediscover, with a new perspective, this world around us and more particularly my region of heart: Brittany. Also, photography acted on me like therapy by becoming an excuse for this omnipresent desire to escape and travel, to this need to return to my roots in this society which is constantly moving faster ... a means. for me to stop time for a moment. Over the years, photography has naturally become a Passion ... until it becomes an integral part of my daily life. Photography having meaning only if it is shared and only really existing through the eyes of others, I give you here some of my best shots, hoping, of course, that they will transport you.

Prizes - Awards: - 1st prize in the Terres de Hêtre “Forest” competition in 2017 - 3rd French winner of the 2016 EISA Maestro international competition - 3rd prize in the Bretagne Magazine competition in 2015 - 1st prize in the France Nature Environnement competition in 2014 - 1st prize in the Iroise Marine Natural Park photo competition in 2013 Publications: - National Geographic website in the Daily Dozen of July 20, 2018 - Image Hunter n ° 387 of October 2016 - Image Hunter n ° 386 of August / September 2016 - Landscape Photography Magazine n ° 63 of May 2016 - Landscape Photography Magazine n ° 59 of January 2016 - Bretagne Magazine of September / October 2015 - National Geographic site in the Daily Dozen of March 24, 2015 - National Geographic site in the Daily Dozen of March 19, 2015 - FlickR Blog in the "Top 5 of January 2015" - RedBull site in "7 magnificent lighthouses around the world" of July 2014 - Special issue “Landscape” n ° 13 of Savoir Tout en Photographie from April / May 2014 - Digital Photo n ° 3 of March / April 2014

- Exhibition at the La Gacilly Photo Festival in August 2016 (following the competition organized by Bretagne Tourisme, Fans de Bretagne and the La Gacilly Festival) - Exhibition at the Maison du Paté Hénaff in Pouldreuzic in 2016 (following the competition organized by Bretagne Magazine in partnership with the International Reportage Photo Festival) - "Un air de Bretagne" exhibition at the St Pierre Quilbignon district town hall in Brest in February 2014