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Dominique Richeux

French photographer originally from Paris, he joined the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region in 2000.
Self-taught, dreamer and passionate, he is destined to Photography almost naturally. Dominique seizes the moment but thinks about it first. The majority of his images are thought out and worked on sometimes several months in advance. Lover of landscapes as well as large cities, he likes to share his emotions in his pictures with the most varied themes, Buildings, Oceans, Animals, color or black and white, he takes us where his lens is posed for our greatest pleasure.
Member of the Collective "FOR THE CHILDREN OF SAINT MARTIN

Gold Medal of the International Photo Group PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE WORLD (Photography ALONE)

In the Streets of Antibes, year 2016
Antibes Photos Exhibition, year 2016
31st Photographic Festival of Mouans Sartoux 2017
Photographic meetings of Saint Sauveur sur Tinée 2017