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Fine art photography
Fine art photography
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Self-taught, Colette RICHARD freezes the details of her daily life most often in a sensual, even mysterious, disturbing atmosphere to bring awareness to the essentials of life. For that, it attaches itself to the details that we miss most of the time in our daily infernal race. In turn, its case becomes an instrument of leisure, a therapeutic tool to be, here and now, a means of expression of its inner being and a reflection of its soul. Author of the book "If I can, you can!" at where she explains, among other things, the role of photography in its rebirth. Outside of photography, she is passionate about creative art, the world of fabrics with embroidery, human relationships, writing work, mindfulness meditation until flirting with the world of the subtle, of the invisible. Colette RICHARD cannot move around at will (she is disabled). Nevertheless, she challenges herself to make her photographic work known, her outlook on life through competitions and festivals.

- Winner in "the biggest competition in the World 2015" of the magazine "Photo" - Favorite of the Wipplay jury - Trees competition - Exhibition of the Rencontres au Pays du Mont-Blanc 2018 - Favorite of the Wipplay jury - Man Vs Wild / In green and against all - Exhibition during the Rencontres Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc® from June 28 to September 22, 2019.

2015: - Festival OFF de la Photo de Dax 2015 + Digital photo competition 2016: - Festival d'Ascain 2016 - The paths of photography - Festival Photos de Dax: Digital photo competition - Exhibition at the G. Dupouy Museum in Dax - Exhibition in Léon - 3rd edition of 100% Art - Salon du Petit Format Carré in Bizanos 2017: - Contemporary Art Fair in Bizanos - Ascain Festival 2017 - Photo Festival of Dax: Digital competition - Exhibition 4th edition of 100% Art à Léon 2018: - Festival de la Photo de Dax: Digital competition - Festival d'Ascain 2018 2020: - Festival d'Ascain (Basque Country) 2021: - Festival d'Ascain (Basque Country) from July 1 to 30 September 2021