Christophe Audebert, 58, photographer, lives and works in Bois-Colombes near Paris. After spending 20 years as a marketing and communication manager, he decided in 2004 to devote himself entirely to his passion for photography and trained for a year at Speos in Paris. Specializing in corporate photography, he mainly produces executive portraits, event reports and architectural photos. At the same time, he led personal projects, with a first series in 2014 in France and Venice, "Here and There," which features couples of lovers in incongruous places. More recently, he has been interested in the notions of time and movement in photography and first develops two series, "Endless Waters" and "Ville-brations", which receive each of the international awards. They use the ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) technique which consists of moving the camera for a few seconds to obtain mastered artistic blur. In addition, Christophe Audebert becomes a specialist in photography in long pose, with a series also rewarded, "Liquid Time", which is declined in landscapes both urban (New York, Venice, Paris) and natural (Iceland, France , United Kingdom, Ireland). He launches in June 2017 with the Editions Eyrolles the first book printed on the technique of photography in long pose. Christophe Audebert collaborates with magazines (Compétence Photo, Profession Photographe) to explain his work and his photographic practices, and also provides training. His future projects will lead him to travel to other countries and to realize new series combining the long pose and the human. Website:

Rewards in France and internationally for photos and series: Liquid Time, Endless Waters, City-brations, Here and there. 2017: ND Awards, IPA Climate Change 2016: ND Awards, IPOTY, PX3, President of the jury Digixo theme the blur 2015: Blank Wall Gallery, ND Awards 2014: Photographs of the year

2017: Liquid Time 2015: Liquid Time New York 2016: Icade Store Aubervilliers, Studio K, gallery Lights of Art at the Garenne Colombes 2015: "Liquid Time" at Sainte Geneviève des Bois 2014: The Night of contemporary photography 2013: Arte Laguna in Venice, gallery Minyom Art