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Cécileile Lhermitte Perrinet


Biarritz surf

Series of 3 photographs


Series of 2 photographs


Series of 1 photography


Series of 1 photography

Professional photographer with a notable sensitivity for architecture and travel. Works for the press in France and abroad. Exhibits his personal work in different galleries (Bordeaux, Biarritz, Marrakech, Paris ....) "Baroudeuse end of the street or the end of the world, his lens captures with the same freshness boiling Venice Beach, a snapshot of Modernist architecture, a bit of empty Salton Sea desert or heavenly palm trees. " Portrait on Inside Closet

Regularly collaborates with different magazines of decoration, lifestyle, travels .... Regular exhibitions

Bordeaux - Travelers Gallery of the World - 2014 Bordeaux Bouliac - Hotel Saint James -2015 Biarritz - Silhouette Hotel - August 2016 Marrakech - Kechmara - May 2014 Paris - June 2017