Catherine Lefrancq


It was through volunteering that I discovered photography. Always invested in the safeguard of wild life, I then realized the force that an image could have in raising awareness of the protection of the living world around us. Today an essential part of my work is devoted to projects for the protection of the environment and wildlife. My photographs are taken in wild environments without the use of bait, or any other technical means such as drone, robot, or remote control. I always have been committed in Nature and Wildlife conservation. It is during one of my volunteering that I had the opportunity to discover the power of conservation photography to educate and raise public awareness. I work on assignment for NGOs, magazines, communication agencies, regarding wildlife conservation and environmental topics. My photos are made in the wild, with nor use of baits, or any other technical means such as drone, or remote control.

Competition - Press publications - Exhibitions - Book

France, USA and Canada