Audrey photographe


Born in Paris in 1984, Audrey Borgel starts photography very early. From childhood, she is interested in photography and photographs her environment, portraits and landscapes. Audrey Borgel began studying photography in 2000, with an alternating photography CAP, during which she worked in a photo lab and made black and white prints on enlargers. Then in 2002, she began a training in BAC pro photo always alternately, and then works in a famous photo agency under the name of Rue des Archives, a French agency that works among other things with the press, publishing, communication agencies , internet and television. The origin of the agency is the photographic collection of the agency Agip. In 2004, after her studies, Audrey became a laboratory assistant at Photo Service. Then, in 2005, she worked at KCS presse as an iconographer (photographic press agency covering people, social, political and artistic news, and in a watch company. both part-time, and then spend full time in the information watch company where she still works today as Team Leader, Manager. From 2003, Audrey is interested in the photos of books (models, actors ...), while enriching her collection of travel photos (some reports can be found on the National Géographic photo community website). From 2005, Audrey makes photos of fashion show, then for the association "Mister and Miss Métiss Attitudes" which leads to Martinique for a report on the Métis dummies. She also meets some Miss France she takes pictures. In 2007, she created a blog page dedicated to book photos on, a showcase for photographers and fashion. Since 2009, Audrey Borgel is a photographer as a self-entrepreneur. She produces photo reports and events on demand and has created an online photo library, featuring all her photo collections. In 2015, she created a new photo company "Urban Visit Paris" which proposes the realization of photos and guided tours in Paris for tourists. Participation in a report on Paris in France 3 Region Ile de France in April 2017. Audrey works daily on his artistic projects and continues to create and feed his subjects.

In 2002, photos of landscapes and portraits in the city of Houilles. In 2011, exhibition at the gallery Communic-Art "Faces" (portraits of meetings). In 2012, participation in the month of photography at the Gallery "Art Ligre". In 2014, exhibition at the CIDJ of the Eiffel Tower, "concrete abstraction (s)". In 2016, exhibition at the International Photo Fair in Bièvres. In 2017, exhibition at the International Photo Fair in Bièvres. In 2017, group show, Private sale "Les Petites Serres", 18, rue Larrey, 75005 Paris. In 2018, exhibition gallery Aab-artists studios in Belleville, "History of a moment", 75020 Paris. In 2018, exhibition at the International Photo Fair in Bièvres. In 2018, Polaroid Festival, Beaurepaire area, 75010 Paris. In 2018, European giant Biennial, "The summer of portraits" in Bourbon-Lancy (throughout the summer). In 2018, Invitation to the Saint Mard Photo Club exhibition. In 2019, exhibition at the Expolaroid Festival at DOCK B in Pantin. In 2019, exhibition within the framework of the Expolaroid Festival at the Open Bach Gallery, 8/12 Rue Jean Sébastien Bach, 75013 Paris. In 2019, exhibition at Atelier53 in Vanves. In 2019, COMING IN SEPTEMBER: Polaroid Festival at Guell Workshop in Barcelona