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Fine art photography
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Arnaud Bertrande


Photographer in Bordeaux, I am above all a traveller and a self-taught person: someone who is curious, attentive, alert and who learns by tracing his own path.

The passion for photography came to me late, around 2007. I knew I had something to express but I couldn't find a medium. Digital photography turned out to be a quick and accessible tool of expression. I don't speak much but I realized that I could speak in images. What I felt in smells, in sensations and emotions, my eye could perceive and capture.

Retranscribing emotions and atmospheres became a passion and a way to offer escape and happiness. Through a natural and original approach, I keep intact the emotion of a unique moment.

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2012 Winner of the Compétence Photo contest "Histoire de Famille
Family Of Cuba - Exhibition at the Paris Photo Fair
2012 1st of Mayoz contest
Fly in another world
2011 3rd of Mayoz contest
Suspended in time
2011 4th of Mayoz contest
2011 2nd in the Mayoz contest
Coffee break
2010 Special prize "Darqroom" Lost III
Exhibition at the Paris Photo Fair


2015 La Réole - 33 - Photo Festival
2014 St Denis de Pile - 33 - Festival Photographicofolies
2014 Bilbao - Spain - PhotoGalley20 Gallery
2013 Nice - 06 - Area Gallery
2013 Bordeaux - 33 - BU
2012 Bordeaux - 33 - CCAS de Bordeaux
2012 St-Denis de Pile - 33 - Maison de l'Isle
2011 Gradignan - 33 - Musée de Sonneville