Antoine Violleau

I am self-taught. I have been taking pictures from a young age. My father introduced me to the magic of black and white, development and printing on silver paper as a teenager. I spent almost ten years abroad to discover the world. I have worked in Namibia, Jamaica, Togo, and England. I came back to France and as I approached 40, I told myself that it was time for me to realize my dream, to be a freelance photographer and to express myself through my creations. In my photos, whether in a portrait, a report or a landscape photo, I try to make a strong photo that speaks for itself, that releases the soul of the place, the person or the moment. I work for companies, magazines, communications agencies, events and art experts. I do a lot of personal projects that allow me to explore new techniques and express what I have inside. So my self-portraits all represent either a moment, a decision, a feeling, or a thought so important to me that I have to photograph it. It's like therapy. My Photos of landscapes as part of the 365 Days of Beauty project are like an inner initiatory journey towards awakening my consciousness to happiness. The landscapes that I photograph are then the mirror of my feelings, of my evolution. It is a romantic view of nature. I also like to question our way of seeing the world through different techniques, during shooting or in post-production. Whether with composite photos, long pauses, streaks of movements ... I follow my instinct and let myself go, I take what explodes in my eyes and transcribe it into an image as I can, as I do. want, as my artistic vision dictates to me. I don't try to please, I do it for pleasure, for want and necessity. Thank you for your interest in my work.

I won a photo contest organized by the Gleaner in Jamaica on Spanish Town

I have photos exhibited at the Artlab gallery in Carquefou and in the communication agency Youconsult in Nantes. My 365 days of beauty project was selected by the Design Ideas site and can be viewed at this address: My artistic work has been the subject of a profile on the Wegotalent blog: Two of my portraits from my Halloween series were published in the magazine Abridged 0-39 (magazine supported by the Arts Council at Northern Ireland) as part of the Belfast Photo Festival: and in Dark Beauty Magazine: antoine-violleau / My fashion photos for designer Alfredo Vaez appeared in Kiss City Mag magazine # 8: Nantes Fashion Days - Radisson Blu - from May 12 to 21, 2017 : Exhibition of photos produced in collaboration with visual artist Dorothée Bégué.