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Frames A2

Discover our range of photo frames A2

Choose the perfect frame for your photographs with our wide range of A2 frames. You can choose between different colours, different materials and different widths of mouldings. For black and white photographs, we suggest our black frames A2 or our white frames A2, which can easily be adapted to any interior design style. For more contemporary posters or illustrations, oak frames or gold frames can give a modern touch to the framed subject.

Premium frames made in our own workshop in Germany

All our frames A2 are made on demand in our own German workshop. We use only the finest materials such as wood and aluminium. The wood used in our frames comes from sustainably managed forests and is environmentally friendly. As for the aluminium, its properties allow us to offer you thin mouldings while providing rigidity to the frame, even on large formats. All our frames A2 are sold with an acrylic glass in plexiglas, offering excellent protection to your works. Lighter than glass, easy to maintain and unbreakable, Plexiglas offers perfect transparency.