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Description of the photograph

Bengal tiger portrait {Panthera tigris tiger} Bandhavgarh NP, Madhya Pradesh, India

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This art photography is available in various sizes and finishes.

Frames information

Frame sizes
Frames size
Small10.6x20, 11.8x7.9, 11.8x9.4
Medium13.4x13.4, 17.7x13.4, 17.7x14.2, 20.1x13.4
Large18.5x18.5, 24.8x18.5, 27.5x18.5
Frame details
  • Three sizes available: 11.8x15.7, 19.7x23.6 and 23.6x31.5
  • Each frame is aluminium (best quality) or wood
  • A blank mat is always present to frame the photo
  • Frame covered with a glass to protect the photograph

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