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Fox Ghost - photograph by Clément Cazottes

Fox Ghost
Fox Ghost
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Description of the photograph

Stone lantern covered with green moss in a small Shinto Santuary dedicated to the Uga-no-Mitama divinity meaning "the spirit of the rice in storehouses" which is associated with food and agriculture and which is often represented in the fox Inari, the divinity of rice. On the yellow paper lanterns that are hanging under a trellis shaded by foliage are drawn symbols that remind you of the will-o'-the-wisles and ideograms "Shuzoku Enoki" from the name of the tree where the foxes gathered or "kitsunebi" which means Fox ghost light. Shozoku Inari Shrine, the date of February 2018 and the name of the donor in the white rectangle. Located in the city of Oji in the district of Kita north of Tokyo, this place once owned a tree Enoki which stood in the middle of the rice fields. On New Year's Eve, foxes from all over the world have been signs of will-o'-the-wisps, which made the superstitious peasants count their numbers and used to predict a good or bad harvest for next year. This scene is represented in the series "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo" by Utagawa Hiroshige.

Keywords used by Clément Cazottes to describe this photograph: stone; lantern; moss; Shinto; Shrine; Santuary; fox; Inari; kanji; Utagawa Hiroshige; animals; lanterns; paint; rope; ideograms; Edo; Uga-no-Mitama; shimenawa; divinity; spirit; rice; Storehouses; Agriculture; Oji; Kita; Tokyo; tree; Enoki; Celtis sinensis; hackberry; yellow; rice fields; will-o'-the-wisps; donations; animal; good crops; two foxes; stone pedestal; Offering; steps; box; donators' corners; rice shoots; Shozoku Inari Shrine; Japan; neighborhood; vermillion; deity; good fortune; written; scupture; religion; art; Tradition; Japanese culture; spirituality; leaf; seedlings;

Information about the photograph


This art photograph was taken with a digital High-resolution pigment inkjet printing.


Each print is coated with a protective varnish to ensure long-lasting preservation.


270g/m2 satin-finish paper.

Mounting on aluminium

The photograph is laminated on a 2mn Dibond aluminium plate with a frame on the back to easily hang the photograph on the wall.


This photograph is sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Available sizes

34x34, 47x47, 60x60, 80x80.

Suggested finishes

Print only, Premium aluminium frame, Aluminum mounting, Floater frame.


This photograph is part of a limited edition of 30 copies worldwide.


The certificate of authenticity is signed by the artist.

Frames information

Frame sizes
Frames size
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Medium13.4x13.4, 17.7x13.4, 17.7x14.2, 20.1x13.4
Large18.5x18.5, 24.8x18.5, 27.5x18.5
Frame details
  • For sizes available: 11.8x15.7, 19.7x23.6, 23.6x23.6 and 23.6x31.5
  • Each frame is aluminium (best quality) or wood
  • A blank mat is always present to frame the photo
  • Frame covered with a glass to protect the photograph

Clément Cazottes

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