salvatore avallone


As a child, I spent a lot of time looking at all kinds of pictures in the books and attending the "botteghe" artistic pottery workshops in my home town, Italy. My work led me in the educational and social field. I loved watching photo exhibitions and meeting artists and photojournalists. My Madagascar is a land that brings us back to a reality of all court, to a meeting-mirror with ourselves, a reality without metaphor.

Grand Prize of the Month Photography 2010 in Madagascar Publication in Replies Photos November 2011 Ilford Jury Prize 2013 Publication in the Swiss magazine Zeitpunkt 130.

2005 Biennale of Indian Ocean Photography - Antananarivo, Madagascar 2009 Gallery Cavour Gallery - Salerno Italy 2010 Deutsche Institut - Antananarivo 2010 Grand Prix Month of Photography - Antananarivo 2015 Le Botteghelle Gallery - Salerno Italy 2017 Online Magazine of Contemporary Photography Elephant Corridor "( 2017 Miami Spectrum - USA 2018, April, Expo at the Diocesan Museum - VinArt - Salerno," Madagascar "2018, June Expo at Galerie Rivoli56 - Paris. "Madagascar"