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Fine art photography
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Ricardo Manzanilla Ramos


Art, travel, landscapes and solidarity united by photography. Passionate about painting during his childhood and adolescence, he develops a facet of emotional sensitivity and visual perception that he exercises on his travel experiences. He began his research and photographic projects in search of the beauty and grandeur of the most impressive landscapes on the planet. places already visited and those still to be explored. During his short career, Richard Le Manz has received numerous international awards in some of the most important competitions in the world. The knowledge, respect and emotional sensitivity acquired during his travels, in addition to the management experience involved in his work, helped him launch his first photographic project. By merging solidarity and photography to help Nepal after the 2015 earthquake, the project www.nepalwillriseagain.com is a reality that continues its journey with events and exhibitions raising funds for the Himalayan country. Photography used as a means of transmitting beauty, sensations, smell, sound and even the state of mind that leads us to a certain image. However, the artist understood that photography is not only an artistic activity but a vital experience, a means of liberation to transmit ideas. In his imagination, the artist constructs images that take the viewer into a complex world of subjectivities and emotions. He is more interested in suggestion, in idea, in occultism, in what is beyond photography. New ideas, new points of view, new reflections, the search for harmony and this intangible part of art through the simplicity, composition and physical beauty of elements that always favor ideas rather than aesthetics . He is currently immersed in the creation of conceptual images. These images have different elements that are then edited to establish a dialogue between them. These images succeed in stopping time and transporting the viewer into a complex world of thoughts and reflections.

2019. Finalista Siena International Photo Awards. 2019. 3º Puesto. Honor of Distinction. 12th International Color Awards. 2018. 12th edition of the Pollux Awards. The prices of the photography gala. Honorable mentions. 2018.The Epson International Pano Award. (Australia). 3 bronze medals. 2018 Finalist PhotogrVphy Grant Award. London United Kingdom. (Habitat Project) 2018. 1º Winner Photography Marathon Reino de Léon. Leon Spain. 2018. International Photography Awards.IPA. Honorable mention. (Habitat Project) 2018. 2º place in the 30th National Salamanca Prize for Agricultural and Livestock Photography Photography Prize Paris. Bronze Award 2018 Circuit Trierenberg Supert (Austria). Gilded metal panorama Moscow International Photo Awards. (MIFA) Honorable Mention (Habitat Project) Fine Art Photography Awards (London). 2nd place panorama Fine Art Photography Awards (London). Honorable Mention Concept Monochrome Photography Awards (London). 2 honorable mention in the conceptual 2017 International Color Awards. Honorable Mention in the Landscapes International Color Awards. Honorable Mention in Summary The Epson International Pano Award (Australia). Bronze Award International Photography Awards. (IPA) Spanish edition. Bronze Award Panoramic International Photography Awards. (IPA) Spainsh Editión. Bronze Award Traditional Architecture Third Place of the 29th National Award of Salamanca for Agricultural and Livestock Photography Finalists Exhibition Provincial Council of Salamanca and Photography File National Award Salamanca Finalist Photography Competition "Architecture and Wine" Bodegas Baigorri (Álava) Finalist IV National Photography Contest "Ciudad de Orihuela" (Alicante) Election between the 12 photos of the 2018 solidarity calendar "Mumbai Smiles" Finalist of the "Tradiciones leonesas" photographic marathon. English Show Court Lion

2019. Solo Exhibitions. XPOSURE International Photography Festival. Sharjah (United Arab Emirates). International multidisciplinary exhibition of contemporary art. Claret Foundation. Barcelona Artistic Circuit. Collective exhibition. Exhibition Project "Hábitat" Cultural Zone El Corte Inglés (León, Spain) Exhibition "Hábitat" Project Cultural Center of Caja España-Duero (Villarejo de Órbigo, León) Exhibition "The mirror of the soul" 2017 Exhibition León (Spain) "Nepal will resurrect" Solidarity Photography 2016, 2017. León (Spain) Madrid (Spain) Kathmandu (Nepal) Collective exhibition "Architecture and Wine" Mirador de Cristal Bodegas Baigorri (Álava)