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Fine art photography
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Philippe Blois

Photographer trained in film in the 70s to adopt digital in 2000.
Artist Photographer since 2015, Philippe Blois has a passion for this visual language. He likes to invest various fields of the photographic medium.
Light, movement and powerful atmospheres that give free rein to the imagination are the dominant themes of his work.
He knows how to appropriate the technique without denying it to "write" a story.
In his floral still lifes, his walks take us to the border between the blurred and the clear, where the form dissolves in the shimmering or cottony mists.
After a few months, he gives a second life to faded flowers that he calls "the beautiful sleepers".
Also a "Great Traveler" off the beaten path, his landscapes offer us the beauty of the world through his own "filters", to convey an emotion fit to ignite the imagination.
In January 2019, he joins the international art collective Echiquier.

2021- Monovisions Photography Awards - Honorable Mention in Conceptual Category series Au petit marché
2015 - Salon National Auteurs Objectif Image de Nîmes member of the 15 best authors.
2014 - Salon National Auteurs Objectif Image de Lyon member of the 15 best authors.
2013 - Salon National Auteurs Objectif Image de Mont de Marsan member of the 15 best authors.

2021- Chapel of Saintes (Gers) from 03/08 to 31/08 Exhibition in the open air on tarpaulins in 80/120.
2019 Salle Balène in Figeac from 10 to 16 August with the collective Echiquier
2019 from 1° to 6 May Château d'Idron
December 2018 January 2019 Hippodrome de Pau
2018 Morlàas Tourist Office
2015 Salon d'Auteurs de Nîmes
2014 Site la Galera La Poste of Montpellier
2014 Salon d'Auteurs de Lyon
2013 Salon of authors of Mont de Marsan
2011 collective exhibition Cap Agde Tourist Office
2010 collective exhibition Arles sur Tech.