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Pavlos Euthymiou


Rio de Janeiro

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Faroe Islands

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Wild Brazil

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Black and White

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I picked up my first camera in the 1980’s, a Pentax ME Super. It was one of the first reflex cameras with electronic adjustments. I was fascinated with the beautiful and subtle shades of contrast. Thus, the majority of my first portfolios consisted of black and white film.

I graduated in Advertising in 1984 and a natural progression brought the world of graphic arts into my photography. At the same time, I started my professional career as a singer/composer, putting on many shows and publishing my own recordings. During this period, came the first trips to other countries – U.S., England, Greece, France – and with them, the attraction to color, nature and architecture.

In the 1990’s, I started working as a translator/lyricist for the movie industry. I have worked for studios such as Disney, DreamWorks, Sony and Warner in Brazil. I then became an actor and dubbing actor, and this exposure to the world of the seventh art added new hues to my eye as a photographer.

With the advent of digital photography, new possibilities came along, such as the creation of panoramic photos, where up to five shots are merged into one, allowing for particularly stunning images. One of my panoramic photos, “Sancho Beach - Fernando de Noronha”, has recently been purchased by the King’s College Hospital in London, for permanent exhibit in their halls.

In the last two years, I have had a strong visibility in the social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, with over 50 features in more than 10 different hubs, mainly from Greece and Iceland.

My website: www.pavloseuthymiou.com

In 2011, my photos of Greece were published on a four-page article of “Digital Photographer Brasil” and one of those pictures won the “Angel Foto Contest”, in the magazine “Fotografe Melhor”.

In 2015, one of my photos was chosen to participate in "The Exposure Award", which took place in the Louvre Museum, in Paris, on July 13th.

I have exposed my photos mainly in Rio de Janeiro. In 2012, I created the project "Greece of Gods", with online crowd participating, which promoted my photo expositions of Greek photos in Brazil, with support of the Greek Consulate in Brazil.
In 2015, one of my photos was chosen to participate in "The Exposure Award", which took place in the Louvre Museum, in Paris, on July 13th.