Pascal Maillet-Contoz


Photographer in the same way forms lines and matter fascinates me. Magnified by light these three essential components of photography are found in my favorite themes of architecture, faces and landscapes. Whatever the place, whatever the subject, the time allows the meeting, During this time, the exchange is created, the bonds are woven and let emerge the magic moment where everything becomes possible! This is what represents for me the act of Photographing !!!

- 2016 - Castries - Saint Lucia "Murals of Saint Lucia". The behind the scenes of France the Lemon Festival " - 2013 - Le Touquet Paris -Plage Fiat Lux Festival - 2011/2012 - Alain Godon Trophy - 2012 - Le Touquet Paris-Plage "Touquettoise atmospheres and architecture" and "fragmentary photos" fiat-lux-fiat-urbs-le-touquet-paris-beach.html - 2010 - Deauville - Normandy «Ambiance Deauville»