Martin Itty


I am a professional photographer with several specialties, particularly in landscape and architecture. Despite several trainings I consider myself self-taught. In a permanent bath from childhood with thousands of hours of drawing and photography practice, son of a mother who painted, godson of a photojournalist and little brother of a photographer ... the photo was a bit in the dark. dna…! Attracted by travel in my youth, I first worked as a mountain guide specializing in distant itineraries. Little fortunate, I made sketches, I observed a lot before capturing, framing with my fingers and my imagination ... I returned to my first love a few years later. Photography for me is above all a feeling of permanent curiosity about others, about human activity and about nature. I feel like a witness to the world. I like spontaneous shots, but I also like when the images are shaped by preliminary research, geographical, cultural, and when they required patience, technical experimentation. For the landscape a great depth is often sought, but I particularly like the blur and the movements ... well controlled, used wisely, the result obtained seems to borrow from certain painting techniques. I started my professional activity with press correspondence in 2010, photos and texts, which were at the origin of my first orders, of a varied nature, in a B to B framework and beyond. On a daily basis, I work for large companies, for communities and for individuals. It is an excellent school of precision and excellence. I chose the Canon brand, when I can opt for Zeiss or L pro range at a minimum. I am a member of SAIF and of the CLAN d'Œil parisien network.

2019: Selected French Team - WPC GNPP World Cup in "industrial-commercial" category 2018: Photographs of the Year - 1st - Architecture category - APPPF organizer - Photographer profession - national professional competition 2017: Photographs of the Year - 3rd - Architecture category - APPPF organizer - national professional competition 2017: The Photographs of the Year - 3rd - Landscape category - AP3F organizer - 2016 national professional competition: The Photographs of the Year - 1st - Pub Business category - AP3F organizer - national professional competition

2016: Photo "La porte aux étoiles" - Barrob Objectif - Cholet - Salon de la Photo de Paris - Dax Shops and local institutions 2018: Photo "archi curve" - PDA winner - Barrob Objectif - Cholet - Salon de la Photo de Paris - Dax Publications honorifics concerning me: - Latest News from Alsace - 2016 - April 14 - "Martin Itty Objective achieved" - Culture Region Pages - 150,000 copies - Latest News from Alsace - 2017 - May 6 - "The Alsatian Martin Itty recidivates" - Culture Region Pages - 150,000 copies - Latest News from Alsace - 2018 - March 30 - "La double spirale de Martin Itty" - Culture Region Pages - 150,000 copies - Chasseur d'Image N ° 383 - May 2016 - page 55 (Winners' file pro PDA contest) - Profession Photographer special N ° 29 - 2018 - Profession Photographer special N ° 23 - 2017 - Profession Photographer special N ° 17 - 2016 - Publication Chasseur d'Image N ° 404 - 2018 - PDA competition file