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Lionel Pesqué

Self-taught, Lionel Pesqué is a passionate man and likes to present himself as a craftsman. His approach as a portrait painter leads him to confront the torments and the dark side that each of us carries within him. an approach so deeply rooted in him that it becomes an essential marker: a few appearances at various exhibitions are of course to be credited to him, but the most decisive is the one (the first) in which he was named Laureate of the National Salon of Authors of Objectif Image in Châteauroux in 2003. From then on, he never stopped refining his work. No specific preparation. Everything is based, from the start, on intuition and improvisation. The images are born from "the meeting" which is made with the model. The work is therefore built on a form of letting go. After having worked for a long time with film cameras, Leica and Mamiya medium format in particular, he now mainly uses digital tools. His choices of lighting are determined by the sensitivity and the mood of the moment. The shade is deliberately dominant, the light is tolerated there. At the ultimate point of the photographer / model "meeting", the Innermost emerges, the part of the soul.

2003 - Winner of the National Authors' Salon of Objectif Image - Châteauroux

2012 - "Heights of Views" Series - 17th Edition of "Realities" - Réal (66) 2017 - Guest of honor at the Salon Photo - Fronton. 2018 - Exhibition "Troublements" within the FACTO collective at Domaine de Montjoie - Ramonville 2121 - Exhibition "Materials Textiles" - Carla Bayle