laure le gall


Laure Passion: photography for almost 15 years After two years of training in photography at the school "EFET" in Paris, I am a freelance photographer since 2002, I realize many black and white photographs, my first domain in The photo is the silver, I develop my own prints. Then comes the digital so I have perfected in this field to play with the various tools that the latter offers!

2nd prize at a regional competition "Grand Ouest" of black and white photography

2011: photo exhibition digital colors "Charm" in a pub in Lorient 2006: photo exhibition silver and white "Charm" in a bar 2005: exhibition photo silver and black and white "Flowers and Chats" store Truffaut 2004: photo exhibition In black and white "Animal" store Philanima 2003: photographic exhibition in black and white "Animal" in a bar. 2003: photographic exhibition in black and white "Spanish charm in a bar 2002: black and white silver exhibition" Charme "in various bar region Bretagne 1998: exhibition in an art gallery" Art et Marine "in Brittany