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Fine art photography
Fine art photography
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Frédéric DUCOS


Professional photographer-author, I wish to propose photographic creations with a fresh and poetic style, whether in a natural seaside setting or in an urban environment.
Photography allows me to freeze amazing moments, perspectives, colors, shadows, reflections, movements; I also like to show the detail of materials and work on textures. I am particularly fond of black and white, which allows me to convey a more direct emotion by focusing the viewer's eye on the background.
I also take fashion photographs, some of which are published in the portfolio of Vogue Italia, and celebrity portraits.

Winner of the Sandisk Photography Contest 2015.
Published in the official gallery of the Lens Culture Exposure Awards 2015.
Publication in the official gallery of Lens Culture Street Photography awards 2016.
Publication in the magazine "Réponses photo" N°295.
Publications in the magazine "Réponses photo" N°300 for the contest "your 300 best photos".
Publications in the magazine "Le monde de la photo" N°93 : profile.
Publication in the magazine "Réponses Photo" N°302.
"Honorable mention" at the PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS 2017.
Editor's Choice of "The Independent Photographer" for the "Emerging Talent Award" 2017
"Portrait Photo Award" at the "International Portrait Photography Contest", collection #17, 18 and 20.
"Honorable Mention" on 9 shots at the IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2017, categories: architecture (7), sports (1) and nature (1).
3rd place at ND Awards 2017 architecture / bridges category and 6 "honorable mentions" (buildings, travel, fine art landscape and night).
"Honorable mention" on 2 shots at the Chromatic Awards 2017 (International color photography awards): architecture and sport categories.
Publication in the magazine "PHOTO" N°534 for "The biggest photo contest in the world".
"Honorable mention" on 4 clichés at the Monochrome Photography Awards 2017, Architecture and Fine Art categories.
"Honorable mention" on 7 shots at the "International photographer of the year 2017" contest, categories: street, landscapes, interior, buildings, travel and bridges.
Publications in the American photo magazine "Camerapixo" N°28.
"Best inspiring photography award" in "Camerapixo" magazine N°28.
"Honorable mention" at the 11th International Color Awards, architecture category.
Publications in the american photo magazine "Camerapixo" N°29.
"Editor's choice award" in "Camerapixo" magazine N°29.
Publication in the decoration magazine Ideo.
"Honorable mention" in "Tokyo international foto awards 2017", fine art landscapes category.
6 "Nominees" at the Fine Art Photography Awards 2018, architecture, cityscapes & landscapes categories.
Selected for an exhibition at the Praxis Gallery (USA) during the international competition on the theme "Mono - Kromatik".
Cover and publications in the photo magazine "Camerapixo" N°30.
"Editor's choice award" in the magazine "Camerapixo" N°30.
5 photographs in the jury selection of the Urban Photo Awards 2018 (Italy).
3 "Honorable mentions" at Monovision Photography Awards 2018 categories "Travel", "Landscape" & "Architecture".
Cover and publications in "Camerapixo" magazine N°35.
Silver photography award in "Camerapixo" magazine N°35.
Photo press award in "Camerapixo" magazine N°35.
5 "Honorable mentions" at the International Photography Awards 2018 on 3 single pictures (in the categories Trees, Fine art landscapes and Architecture interiors); and 2 series (Architecture and Sport).
3 "Honorable mentions" at the ND Awards 2018 on 2 series (categories "Fine Art Landscape" and "Architecture") and 1 "single picture" (category "Fine Art Landscape").
"Honorable mention" at the Chromatic Photography Awards 2018, "Landscapes" category.
Publication of my celebrity portraits in "FotoargentA" magazine, Argentina, January 2019.
Publication in "PHOTO" magazine, January 2019 for "The World's Largest Photo Contest".
Finalist of the international competition One eyeland awards 2018, architecture category.
3 finalist photographs in the 12th International Color Awards, architecture and sports categories.
Second place in the 5th Fine Art Photography Awards Seascape category & 2 "nominees" in the Architecture category.
Winner of the Umbra International Photography Awards 2019, general category Architecture (portfolio), first place section "Architecture - Buildings" & second place "Black and white - Landscapes" (single).
Winner of the 2019 international competition of the Viewpoint Gallery Photographic Art Center, Canada.
Published in the official gallery of the Lens Culture Art Photography Awards 2019.
8 photographs and 2 series selected by the Urban Photo Awards 2019 jury.
1 photograph and 1 series semi-finalists of the Urban Photo Awards 2019.
2 "Honorable Mentions" at the Monovisions Photography Awards 2019, Architecture category.
1 finalist photograph in the Urban Photo Awards 2019.
"Honorable mention" at the International Photography Awards 2019, Architecture Buildings category.
1 photograph in the shortlist of the Spotlight Awards 2019, Architecture category.
Publication in the photobook "Urban, unveils the city and its secrets", 2019.
Publication of 12 pages in the Spanish magazine "La Fotografia" N°8.
Cover and publication of my celebrity portraits in the international photo magazine "Camerapixo" N°51.
Press photo award for my portrait of the actor Donald Sutherland - "Camerapixo" Magazine N°51.
Publication of a 12 pages article in the international magazine "FotoNostrum", September 2020.
Publication of an article on my photographic work on the Russia Privet website, January 2021.
Publication of a feature on my art photos in the decoration magazine "Mackenzie Home", October 2021.
Publication of a full page on my urban photographic work in the magazine "Digital Camera" distributed in the USA and UK, October 2021.
Article on my photography for "Artists of the Year 2021" in "The Bold Modern" Christmas Edition.

France, Spain, Germany, Greece, United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Italy, Hungary, Canada, Slovakia, Poland.