After obtaining a university degree in law, after which he obtained a graduate diploma in law, Franck FOUQUET began to work as a lawyer in a very large company. Soon, he realizes that he aspires to something else. He decides to leave everything to live his passion for travel and photography. Its first destination will be Africa. At the end of a long stay spent alone in the Kenyan bush, Franck FOUQUET brings back his first images of Africa. His career then crossed paths with Robert THUILLIER, a photographer specializing in the use of slide shows and the author of many successful books. Immediately, he advised her to present her work to major photographic agencies. Soon, the first sales of his photos arrive. The magazines ask the young photographer to write the texts accompanying his photos. This will be the rule for him. A few months later, when Franck FOUQUET returned to the bush in search of new images, Nathan editions offered him the opportunity to produce his first book. It will be "Haya Safari! A day at the Masai Mara. This first book will be very successful in many countries. Shortly after the publication of this first book, another meeting will definitively mark the fate of Franck FOUQUET. The editor-in-chief The photo in chief of a prestigious press agency suggests that he try the news. It will be the start of a new career as a great reporter alongside that of wildlife photographer. His work will be published under several titles: The Daily Telegraph, Express, Figaro Magazine, Geo, Nouvel Observateur, Point, Marianne, National Geographic, Newsweek, Match de Paris, Time Magazine, VSD, Washington Post ... Franck Fouquet has published, to date, around twenty photo books among the most major publishers and created, a few years ago, its own publishing house, Tau éditions.

Her work has been awarded numerous prizes, including the prestigious Grand Prix of the MacArthur Foundation, the Hasselblad Grand Prix and the Fujifilm Awards.

Montier en Der International Photography Festival. AVES Namur Nature Festival. Abbeville bird festival. Menigoute Festival. Festival Images et Neige. Coeur de France Festival. Spring of photography, Spot Nature Festival, etc ...