Dimitry Roulland


Having a constant need to create and then spend a little time, I tried a lot of sports and various activities. There was drawing, accordion, piano, mountain bike, athletics, jujitsu, football, tennis, drums, painting, Thai boxing and guitar. Just that. Then, when I was 17, lost in a school career that did not correspond to me at all, I discovered what would become my greatest passion: photography. At the time, I used my parents' old Lumix Panasonic as soon as an idea crossed my head. It was a way for me to communicate my torments and my teenage joys. I was greatly encouraged to continue by my surroundings. My job was good, and that was a real driving force for me. I then discovered the magic of a digital SLR. With my Nikon D60 and 18-55mm lens, my practice time has increased dramatically. I crossed the field in front of my house, I went into the forest, and I photographed everything I saw: birds, trees, butterflies, flowers, streams, the sky, and so on. Not to mention what I liked best: portraits. I regularly photographed my friends, my parents and myself. During the months and years that followed, I continued to learn alone, in my own way. I gradually abandoned nature and beautiful landscapes for the benefit of portraiture and beautiful faces. My material has evolved and I chained the photo sessions thanks to which I met many people. Among these meetings, two had a huge impact on the evolution of my work. I first met Dimitri, a spring gymnast. I saw him fly, twist and then fall with disconcerting ease on the concrete, it was incredible. Then there was Leslie, practicing rhythmic gymnastics. She was at once supple and agile, and there emanated from her a certain grace, almost dancing. These two sessions were singularly different, but the pleasure I had in photographing these gravity defying athletes was the same. It was from this moment that I started working regularly with gymnasts, but also with dancers and circus artists. The time has passed. So, after tens of thousands of shots, countless hours in the field and at least as much on Lightroom and Photoshop, this great passion that photography has become my job. Since then, the adventure continues. An adventure rich in surprises, travels and meetings that you may be part of.