David Monjou


Born in Dijon in 1973, He professionalized in 1997 and trained in several fields but headed for current affairs reports. Then in contact with artists from various horizons, he began work on the performing arts. After having followed a company in Morocco for two months, he photographed numerous shows and naturally turned to "behind the scenes" reporting. In 2010, he concretized this desire to write, around his photographs, by the publication of the book "Le cirque bidon" (Editions Lancosme), the last circus to travel in horse-drawn caravans. In parallel he founded in 2009 Plein Cadre Photography in collaboration with Jérôme Signoret. Since 2015, he has devoted photography essentially to his art: that of sublimating his visions of the beauty of the world!

- Departmental Council of Hérault - Montpellier - La Fontaine Obscure - Aix en Provence